Exchanging Ideas

After finishing working on my childhood home, there was an interesting surprise for us. We had a time problem. Now the childhood is going to be an institute where the lower two floors would remain as a home but from the ground floor, there would be an institution. Now the interesting part about this is we had to work on one of our peers’ designs instead of our design. And the same way one of my peers worked on my design.

I started working on Bhavya’s design. First I started with understanding his design and neighbourhood. A house is located in the society area and there is also a school in the neighbourhood.  Bhavya told me about his passion for wildlife photography. This gave me an idea for opening an institute that spreads awareness to parents and children as well about wildlife photography as a career. 

Then I started thinking in that direction and came up with some programs that the institute can have. It can have a library with a collection of books, books of images and magazines about wildlife photography, a space for career counselling, an exhibition of photographs for inspiration. And a cafeteria for fun. 

I decided to work with already existing split levels to separate spaces for counselling and fun. I extend some parts of the already existing structure below to make the space big enough to be an institute. On the ground floor, I made a little library and a counselling space. And right above that I made an exhibition space. On the split level, I made a cafeteria.

Things I feel I still need to work on are bringing indirect lighting into the exhibition space and how the roof is going to be. 

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