We worked for a long on our childhood home design and for this week we were given a time problem in which we had to swap our designs among our group and then had to rework on designs for a community place or an institution.

Time problem is always helpful as we have less time so we just have to work without overthinking. I got Shailly’s design, her design was very nice and innovative but was far more different than mine, so understanding her structure and reworking her model took a lot of time. But I was very much excited about working on her design. Her design had these beautiful pergolas and jack arches.

Started with understanding her neighborhood a bit, to learn what kind of institution would fit perfectly, then understood the intent and design of her childhood home. She had an amphitheater in her previous modules so I thought of taking that idea further and making an amphitheater at the topmost floor where there can progames arranged like concerts, dance for any kind of talent shows. As she lives in Mumbai there are many people from all over the country to work and present on their talents so I thought that nothing could be better than an amphitheater. I kept the lowest two-floor the same as it was home for her parents, made a cafe on the ground level, and added one floor for the amphitheater.

My idea for me was good but I couldn’t represent it the way I thought. But now I’m very much excited and looking forward to working over this institution.

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