Design shuffle

After weeks of working on our design, we had articulated our childhood home and fulfilled all the requirements. Now we had to add an institution space in the same childhood home. Since we had grown after and went out for further studies the ground floor was of no use for residents so converting that into an institution space was the idea and adding one more floor above. The intriguing concept was the shuffle of the design meaning we had to exchange our design with our peers. 

I have got Aastha’s design so first and foremost I understood the context of her house and all the spaces that were in that house. She was living in the city area and there were row houses in her context so considering that factor I made some context in the axonometric drawing. The overall design gave me a new perspective to work upon since I was working on my friend’s design. I got to work with new designs, new materials, and different organizations of spaces, etc. her previous organization of space was such that it was a bit easier to make bigger spaces.

intervention is shown in the axonometric view.

My idea was to make an exhibition space and a cafeteria. The programs that I introduced were reception space, exhibition spaces, cafeteria, and services. Keeping the overall organization of spaces the same I made the same spaces on the ground floor. The reception and exhibition gallery is on the ground floor. The entrance is a small verandah space and then come reception and exhibition space. Windows in the exhibition space give diffused light into the space which makes the gallery more lively. Also given two bathrooms in the corner of the exhibition space.

The second floor is a cafeteria and a semi-open space. The cafeteria is slightly bigger than the ground floor. Overall this exercise was fun as we got a chance to work with others’ designs. It was a refreshing end before Diwali break. 

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