Sowing Seed for New Beginning

After a long time spent on refining the design of my childhood home, the process became monotonous with being stuck to certain elements and concepts. Too break this monotony, a time problem was assigned in which the designs were swapped among the peers. Each one was to propose an institution for peers design.

I took Nafela’s design which is based in a completely different context than mine i.e. Dubai whereas mine is located in Ahmedabad. I needed to understand the climate of the place which was an important factor for consideration in Nafela’s design. Also the neighbourhood she had for the design was very different from mine. The sandy areas of Dubai with its hot environment and the tall buildings in the surroundings were some factors which were to be taken care of. I discussed with her about the surrounding she has and then I thought of proposing a library and later I came to know that she doesn’t have any in her vicinity. In a library one can have a connection to the streets with windows without a need to have open spaces. I felt that it would also be suitable for the environment she has in the surroundings.

At first I was confused about how the form of the floor would be. But then I thought, if I extend beyond the floor boundary she has for her ground floor then the beautiful courtyards forming on the lower floors would be covered and the idea of courtyards would go away. So I decided to continue the form of ground floor on the first floor for the library. Also now as an institution, the building needed to have a foyer and a reception or a desk towards the entrance to guide people if required. This was to be on the ground floor but she had important and private spaces on ground floor like the parents bedroom and her dad’s working space and a guest room. As the former two were important to retain, i decided to remove the guest bedroom and have a cafeteria there. The entrance to the house than converted to the foyer and the small gathering space became the space for reception. Now the issue was to retain people from entering into the private part of the floor towards the parent’s bedroom. I tried to solve it by introducing a full perforated wall.

Working with her design provided me a little freedom to make some interesting geometries unlike my design, majorly because of the material. She had imagined concrete for her childhood home and I decided to continue with the material. As a approach, the entire process was more intuition based and less of thinking involved, unlike the process of designing and refining our childhood home. This might also help me and even others in the upcoming weeks of proposing and developing these institutions proposed by their peers as we don’t need to start from scratch. There is an idea which is to be developed and integrated in the design of childhood home.

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