Shuffling the designs

Reworking on your design again and again is quite a monotonous job which is bound to become
“boring” after a while, but working on someone else’s design was sure a refreshing experience. For weeks after refining our designs over and over again, we were introduced to institution spaces that we were need to create over the existing residential design, but here’s the catch; instead of working on our own design we were given the designs of our peers.  

For me I got Aanchal’s design, it was quite an intimidating experience for me in the beginning since I wasn’t familiar with her design that much. To create a working institution that could serve to both the residents and the neighbourhood alike was quite of a challenge. I first studied her neighbourhood with her so as to come to a conclusion of what the neighbourhood would benefit with. Since her existing design was a timbre structure with exposed brick walls, so I maintained that and work over it. Also design wise her overall structure was very tight and there were quite a few unnecessary walls which were making the spaces even tighter. Overall, I tried to rework on that, made the spaces a bit more open and introduce some more greenery into the architecture, however even in the end I believe I wasn’t really able to succeed in introducing openness into the architecture.  I intend to create a art workshop and a exhibition space for the same for adults and young adults to come and learn and showcase their artworks and creations.

An exploded axonometric view of design of the institute and the residential half.

Moreover, I was introduced to sloping and pitched roofs in the exercise which definitely quite a change from the contemporary flat roofs. Over and above, the exercise made me come out of my shell that I had created overtime by working on the same idea again and again.

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