Shuffling oF Thoughts

Concluding the design process of my childhood home, now it is time to take that on another level where the home will start to open up for the community or neighbourhood. The intervention of institutions on the existing home which remains under the ground is something interesting to work on. While working on the childhood home design there was a strong boundary of the pit but now as the head of the home rises above from the pit it will start looking outside. So these challenges are something new which we are going to deal with in this new brief. Apart from this to give a head start to our design process, there is a plot twist in which we have to shuffle our design with peers.

I began by understanding her childhood home, the organisation and inhabitation of the spaces, spatial quality, materials chosen for the built form and types of openings. The next question was to think about how her home is fitting into the neighbourhood so I learnt about the completely new setting of her neighbourhood. Then analysing the overall context tells me that the home is centred by the roads and pedestrians adding to that one longer side is aligned with the piece of barren land which has a potential to make a better green space for the institution. I think this shuffling of the project has given me a chance to look at the possibilities to deal with the different kinds of the context as my neighbourhood is completely different. So it gives me the understanding that while working on the same brief, one of the factors as context can produce such diversities in the designs of my peers.

The learnings and ideas of the new design of the institution are represented in the form of exploded axonometric drawings. The whole exercise is a kind of time problem so working on straight to the axonometric drawing has fastened up the whole process which I always prefer to do. The axo was also quite helpful to look at the multiple dimensions of the design which could be made more lively by adding the inhabitation and the activity. Not only the work I have done for the time problem was beneficial to my peers but I have also explored various things regarding the concepts of design, a new structural system, material and also representation techniques. So I can carry forward this learning and new techniques which I have explored to my design in the future brief.

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