The last week before the Diwali break, we were assigned a surprising time problem where we worked on expanding our groupmates design of their childhood home to an institution that benefits the community. this exercise encouraged group bonding because we spent hours talking about each other’s designs and giving and receiving ideas and suggestions.

The first step was to discuss the design of my peer and get information about her neighbourhood, design and ideas to further her design. For example, I took up the design of my friend Jahnvi and she told me that her family owned a business that made acrylic bangles and sell them in her community. This discussion helped me build a program that Jahnvi’s home could grow into an ornamental exhibition centre where her parents could showcase the ornaments that they design.

The next step was to make decisions related to the design, like the things I wanted to add, retain or remove from her design. Jahnvi had made these four ingenious alternate courtyards which I wanted to retain on the upper levels also. I also continued with the structural elements that she had already made on the lower levels.

Jahnvi’s house is located in a society and is surrounded by houses on the sides with a street in the front which I tried to show in this axonometric model. In the end I feel like I have not really thought of the roof and how the institution meets the sky which I would like to give another try to.

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