Design Representation

Designs were pretty much resolved by the start of this week. During this week I worked on the representation of the design. As we were at the closure of the design there weren’t any major changes in the design so this week we have to work by ourselves.

For representation first I started with making plans, sections and elevation of my childhood home. Once the technical drawings were ready I tried to show furniture and the humans in the drawings. It gave the idea of how childhood home is going to be inhabited. 

Then to show inside of the childhood home I made axonometry exploded view. It was giving a better idea of how space is going to be inhabited in 3D. It was also giving structural details of the childhood home. 

The volumetric model was explaining the mass and void relationship of the design. Having a courtyard alternate side and things connected with huge passage was explained in that model.

Then I made a cardboard model which was helping me to understand and visualize how the home is going to look like on the site. Then I placed a childhood home on the neighborhood map to get an idea of the context. I also made charcoal sketches of the design to show specific places in the and lighting there. 

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