The closure of designing my underground house began with making rendered plans, sections and street elevations showing in habitation and vegetation. This was a long process and it involved sketching human activities around the house.

The next step was to make the model from mill board and card paper. I learnt how different levels were connected to each other and what were the structural elements that bound the three levels together. The process was long and tenuous and it involved making a lot of details like trellis and jack arches.

This followed making an exploded axonometric model in Sketch Up. Exploded axonometric model depicted a three dimensional view of our new house with all the details. The purpose of this was to show the different material the structure is constructed from.

The next step was making an associated site map which helped in positioning the exploded axonometric model of our new design on the neighbourhood map resulting in presenting our design on a larger scale and linking it with our neighbourhood map.

Sketches of interior views help establish the experience quality of light the interior spaces provide to its inhabitants.

The last step was making a GIF of the evolution of our design. This process highlighted the changes and progress of our design.

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