This last week particularly was hard for me to work because I was happy with what I had and had no clue how to take my design forward. The design and the place of the space I kept almost same but to make it more interesting I had to play with volumes and the sizes of the space especially double heights.

Double heights can create the appearance of a more compact environment. The two double heights of my home gives a different effect to the space. Starting with the ground floor there is a double height which opens to half of the staircase and which can be seen from the formal living room and the terrace of the guest room and the veranda which connects everything. The second double height which is at the informal living room which is also connected to the veranda also seen from the double heighted staircase, dining area.

Space – the core of every built and unbuilt blurred between tangible and intangible. It plays very important role in making us feels and perceive the architecture and the place we inhibit.

Our Understanding of space is what we perceive through our senses either it is built or unbuilt, we perceive the the sky filled with stars also as our roof same as ceiling of our bedroom. But the feeling of both the space is different. That feeling of vastness and infinite is imparted to a space by the volume of it, volume if used wisely to created a space can impart the Grandeur in the space making and design. On smaller scales  we can still replicate it with Double Heights of the spaces which are iced for longer time during the day.

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