Childhood Home

So finally we reached to the end of this module with a final design of our childhood home. This long had so much to learn, I learned new techniques, new mediums, etc. during this whole process. Starting from the neighborhood map, novella, diagrams of the house we imagine so many different iterations of plans and after all this process n learnings the final week we had to work on our own to complete the deliverables. Deliverables includes, plans, sections and elevations, 1:75 cardboard model, 1:50 exploded model, neighborhood map , views (sketches) of the house and an evolution video of the house.

I started working with my exploded model first the model I made last week was incorrect so I started a new model in SketchUp, working in SketchUp is fun if you know all the functions and what all SketchUp can do, I faced many issues while working on it but I also resolved it at the end. Added textures of glass in windows and doors and as my building is made up of concrete in gave texture of concrete and further I added details like humans, vegetation, text and dotted lines in photoshop.

After SketchUp model I started making cardboard model scale was different here so the calculation was a bit confusing and took time but I enjoyed making this model, I also messed up at some points because scale was small so while cutting and pasting small details I broke some part of models many times and as I used white sheets it also became a bit dirty. This work demanded a lot of patience so I worked really slow and completed my model after one whole day but at the end my model looked nicer than I imagined.

After working hard in model I thought giving a break….. break in sense do something which I enjoy the most so I started making views of my house. So I thought to draw the most important view of each space I started from the lower most floor which is kid’s play area, from the middle floor I choose parents room and terraces and from the top most floor that is ground floor I choose kitchen and dinning space. Sketching is something I love and enjoy the most it feels like letting my self free from everything.

kid’s playing space.
Dinning and kitchen space.
Parents space looking toward the terrace.
Terrace for guests.

The other important part of the exercise is the drawings, plans sections and elevations. I drafted the outlines in AutoCAD got them printed and than added details and wall thickness manually. I love adding details manually so I completed all my floor plans and roof plans. I completed on section and made a huge mistake unfortunately so first I decided to complete my remaining working so I completed my elevations scanned ad took them to photoshop for adding background details. We had to make one evolution video of plan or section, I collected all my plans from starting till now and made the video. The challenge in video was to remember the sequence of all this many plans so this process took a little time for me but the video came out really nice.

I’m really excited for the finally exercise of this studio.

This is final was fun adding the details especially the vegetations.

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