In the past weeks the design was to be articulated. Articulation of different spaces was explored through different sections and elevations, like how the spaces will come together and how the inhibition would happen. Particularly in my design this helped me in thinking about different spaces like how the two major facades will be seen in the spaces, as it has a continuous wall forming across the double heights as seen in the above section FF’.

1:75 model

Sections helped in articulating, but after making a 1:75 model there were surprises that came across to me while making it. Few things could not be imagined in the drawings or maybe got ignored while drawing. Making a model helped in understanding the structure and to visualise the spaces.

exploded view

This was further carried forward by making an axonometric view showing the design exploded and with materials. Making this made my imagination easier and it further guided me to articulate spaces, especially the double volumes and the courtyards.

neighbourhood map

After all of this we made a neighbourhood map to some of the context around the pit. Fortunately, my neighbourhood was made using plan views and elevation views which helped me in showing my pit in my neighbourhood. As shown in the image above, the surrounding has G+1 row houses and my pit is three levels wherein two levels are underground.

View of double volume dinning area

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