Articulating childhood home

The childhood design process has come to an end after doing a lot of processes. The past few weeks we were making our childhood home more organized and then further articulated building blocks by playing with their volumes and tried adding different windows and building elements. Though it was a bit hard to intervene in the core idea and then also organize building blocks appropriately.  

section shows human inhibition and activities

The size of the pit was comparatively big than the rest so I have stacked both the building block on the diagonal corner and I have connected two big courtyards with a narrow courtyard in between. the below image shows big courtyards are interconnected by placing mass at corners and staircase on the other corner

courtyard are interconnected

This type of placement of blocks opens up the connection between two built-forms. also my spaces are at split levels. on the left hand side are all the bed rooms and on the right side kitchen and living room (on ground floor).

Now to visualize and get a sense of the structure and exploded axonometric model was made. It gave a clear understanding of how brick and concrete were playing a role in the aesthetic of built-form. The model also shows the play in massing that has been done. The middle floor bedroom was projected outside to which became a terrace for the bedroom on the above floor and a shade for the room on the ground floor. Referring to this image might give you a better sense of how built forms were aligned and organized

Axonometric view

And than lastly we added a layer of inhibition which made drawings more perceptible and gave a sense of how people used the particular space.

section shows inhabitation.

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