Flourishing Nest

The design of the childhood home has almost come to an end after a lot of rigorous process within the three weeks following the mid sem review. I was having a quite good understanding of the organization of the spaces, the volumes and inhibition of the spaces. The resolution of the structure and tectonics of the elements have been thought of and portrayed in the drawings. But the image of the home is slightly shifted from what I have thought in the earlier stages. The primary idea of piercing vision through the spaces have been lost somewhere while making the design to be well structured to be lived. The blocks of living spaces and kitchens which are more public spaces in the home could be possible to open more towards the other spaces of the houses. But these volumes are aligned right next to the staircase which covers one of their facades completely. So some new iterations were done to resolve the placement of the staircase in such a way that the centre volumes could be more transparent. The enclosure of these spaces are determined by only structural columns and the glass planes as fenestration which allows the two courtyard at either side of the living room to connect with each other. The extension of the spaces are done which open towards one of the courtyard and can be used as a verandah at the lowest floor, the dining area at the middle floor and the entry terrace on the top floor.

The learning and understanding of the structure and tectonics were done with the help of the exploded axonometric drawing and the physical model in the scale of 1:75. The axonometric drawing was helpful to visualise the home in 3 dimensional terms and how the junctions and layers of different elements and members of the structure will be going to meet each other. The street elevations are also drawn where we get the idea of how the home will open towards the surrounding. The punctures and play of height of the compound wall varies the experience and connection with the streets. After looking at the street elevation the part of the home below the ground has the quality of inward looking spaces and the spaces which connect with each other and other parts which are above the ground will excite you to talk and move out with people outside.

Apart from the structure, form and articulation the another layer has to be added and thought about that is inhabitation of these spaces. The section helped a lot to get the idea that how these different volumes at vaired levels are going to be occupied.

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