Unfolding the old good memories 

Remembering the neighbourhood brought back the memories of childhood friends, the favourite stationery store which had a jar full of fruit biscuits. And many more shops which were landmarks to me as a child. Placing all of them in a sheet as a map was a challenging task as I remembered the view of the entrance. So I tried to place them in a circle, where the views of the space were expanded into a perspective. Like showing a view of a mechanic shop where I enjoyed the bubbles in the water whenever the mechanic checked the tyre for the puncture. But in this sheet it didn’t have different line weights and the placement of circles was leading to a very straightforward map which did not evoke interest in the viewer.

So then in the next iteration I tried to place them in their actual position instead of showing an expanded view. And I added base colour in the background to emphasize the activities. Here I also tried to play with the size of the building and shops to give them prominence as per the activities held in without disturbing their proportion to other elements.

Moving on further with the other exercise, a collage was to be made on my childhood home. Where I tried an iteration before attending the workshop. The placement of elements in this collage were placed as real elements appeared. And I used colours to express the emotions,  like yellow for joy on the swing, red as anger where my neighbouring aunt would yell at her son. Where the colourful wave represents the sound of radio throughout the house and making it a pleasant environment and blocking the aunt’s voice from coming in the house. And the thread represented the chaos in the room. 

After attending the work, I understood that representing elements like sound, light could be done in just 4 minutes. By doing this the emotion directly comes out of the heart to the paper and the mind doesn’t get time to interfere. Because thinking with mind sometimes loses the real essence of the emotion and the feel. This brought in memories very quickly like the centre of my house was generally darker and other parts or the kitchen was the warmest part of the house. The textures on the outside were rough but inside there was a smooth finish of white wash. After making the element it was time to place them together in a sheet, where the space were looking quite empty and disorganized so then I expanded out the elements and blended them with each other.

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