Building Structures

Following the midterm review on my project, that is, my childhood home, I learnt that the house that I made have not only architectural flaws but also it lacks the experience of floating somewhere. Working on those reviews we were given the objective to explore more using different mediums such as soft pastels, watercolours, and collages. This helped me to come up with new iterations for my design which I could use to further work upon. 

For these iterations, I made physical models to explore the spaces in a much better manner. Understanding through physical models opens a whole new set of opportunities to explore in the design. the cardboard models that I made and the SketchUp model both helped me understand spaces much better than any plans or sections could have. Not only that but experiencing the spaces also became much easier. Furthermore, the volumetric model again helped in the understanding and development of built and unbuilt spaces.

physical model showing all the spaces and the relation to one another
soap model showing built and un-built spaces

Through the model, I realised a lot many things needed my attention like the material used the placement of beams and columns, doors and window heights and types which plays just as much of an important role as any other building element in conveying the experience.

exploded axonometric view showing fenestration and inhabitation
axonometric virtual model

Making models and incorporating daily activities and incorporating the model in the neighborhood and making sketches helped me to experience the house myself. Now, looking back at the design and all the previous iteration I made, I cannot help but feel excited about the upcoming design process.

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