Inhabiting in Future

Axonometric View

After the midsem, the design got a new perspective to go ahead on. The design has now shifted from designing the spaces to inhabiting the spaces. It was all about inhabiting the space, thinking of vegetation, furniture and other objects. We had to also start thinking on how the materials of these elements will be. Moreover it was about articulating the design further in detail.

Particularly in my design, after mid sem I worked on interconnecting the double height volumes with the other spaces around. Like introducing a window in the parent’s room which opens up into the veranda on -6 level. I also tried shifting the staircase towards the pit wall to make the spaces interconnected, but this lost the circulation aspect which was present in the earlier iteration. Shifting the toilet block to the pit wall opened up spaces. 

1:100 volumetric model

Overall, the model helped in knowing the articulation of the design and material to some extent. It gave a move forward for the rigidity in design which was developed after the midsem.

Cognitive map showing my future home

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