The first step after mid semester review was to make abstract plans and sections using different mediums like soft pastels, collage and watercolours. Varied organisational and reconfiguring of spaces was tried through this very quick process. I came across new ideas through these sketches while discovering surprising outcomes and stepping into the unknown. The first step was all about loosening up. I took different ideas from these three iterations and combined them into one. 

Further into the week I created new drawings of the improved designs. We had to show inhabitation, furniture, movement and vegetation in the different spaces of the house. This process was all about detailing. The outcome of this step was to learn how spaces are being occupied and understanding experiences space provides. 

The next step was to make the model of our design. I decided to use millboard and card paper because it symbolised the material that is concrete I wanted to use for the construction of my house. It gave us a clear idea of the volume and scale of places and type of construction used.

The next step was to create new plans and sections, elevation, associated site map, exploded axonometric model, sketches of interior views and volumetric soap model. Plans sections and elevations depicted the final layout of the different spaces of my house. Associated site maps helped in positioning the plan of our new design on the neighbourhood map resulting in presenting our new design on a larger scale and linking it with our neighbourhood map. Exploded axonometric model depicted a three dimensional view of our new house with all the details. Sketches of interior views help establish the experience quality of light the interior spaces provide to its inhabitants. The volumetric soap model helps to maintain the relationship between the volumes of the spaces in context with one another and the pit.

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