Looking Forward to Work

As every week picks up from the works of the previous week, this week was also continuation of the designing of my reimagined childhood home. Since the basic concept and idea behind the quality of spaces have already been explored in the previous weeks, discussions largely evolved around development of it and scope for improvement based on the reviews from external jurors. While I was keen on kickstarting the resolution of my design, the fire had been extinguished by the start of the week itself as I wasn’t well enough to attend the classes. And this unexpected hurdle turned into a roadblock for the progress of my work.

While the space being designed is private and personal to me, the ability of the design to express that bond with the architecture of the space is what the discussions mainly revolve around. So, the lack of inputs from tutors or my peers could definitely not be replaced. The lack of another eye to pick out a mistake, suggest or just provide their own thoughts on the design could definitely not be replaced by anything else, along with having not worked for the initial half of the week has been a setback to the continuous process undergone till now. Thus, obviously, the iterations of my work has reduced and I had to buckle up to work faster in the later half of the week. It made me realise that situations like these would always be a part of life; rainy days would come and go, some days as a drizzle or sometimes as a storm, I would always have to be ready. While, this time I slipped into a puddle, the experience has taught me on how to avoid it or manage it.

Regarding the work produced for the week, I had to jump the line to directly the final outcome expected of this week. But irrespective of the expected explorations of the design, the first step to it is always the resolution of the design. First step achieved! Lacking any idea on what the focus and level of resolution of the design, I turned to my peers for feedback. The discussion had as always highlighted the not working elements of the design and provided suggestive solutions to it. On working on the round of feedback and obtaining another discussion from the teaching assistant, I had a few factors to work and resolve my design.

Plan at -6M: The slide was incorporated into the design to provide quick access to the play area from the above floor.

During this time, an interesting incident occurred. A few days back, I had a fleeting glance at a a design that included a play slide for movement within the house. I was just another moment then. But, resolving my design and thinking of how to efficiently consume a buffer space that was getting created, I had suddenly recalled it and thought of implementing, since it goes with the character of the space as well. It made me firsthand realise how important the development of knowledge of the subject I study and its practical applications. So, I promised myself then to cultivate this habit of reading or talking about architecture or visiting it on a routine basis.

Now, back to the topic of my progress of work, the completion of the plans and sections, which were the initial steps of resolving and finalising the design, there were a list of deliverables to be completed based on the this decided design. Although plans and sections of the building was what I started with, the design required to keep in mind the context of it, apart from being an underground site, i.e. the neighbourhood of my childhood home. So, while the negotiations were made based in it, its expression and incorporation became a necessary factor through the elevational drawings of the building, that exhibits only the uppermost storey of the house and blends in with the similarly single storeyed typology of houses surrounding it. Even minor elements of the design like the entrance of the house being close to the road was arrived at because of the situation of the house in a quiet and narrow street that doesn’t have busy movement through the day. Further, that relationship got explicitly established by placing the plan of the ground level in a neighbourhood map, created in one of the previous exercises. It was orientated by considering the relationship of the entrance from a public space, like considering the required distance from road, the opening of the entrance towards or away from the road.

Site Map of the Home: The recent plan of the design replaced the initial location of the house, conveying its relationship with the surrounding space.

Starting with the most unfamiliar one, I worked on creating the digital 3D model of the drawing. Along this entire week, models have been made such that the different floor are removable and can be re-stacked to the final assembly. As the two dimensional drawings emerged into voluminous spaces, it showed better the type of enclosures that are getting created by the ceilings in rooms and semi-open spaces, visualise and work out the human usage of spaces, among others. It indeed did bring few changes to my initial design as I recognised a few errors.

Another volumetric model was made using soap to under the masses of the enclosed and open spaces interact and how the circulation is negotiated between them. Having already made them before, the outcome that the exploration brought out did not surprise me, but did add another dimension of looking at the same space.

Apart from these, the inhabitation or intended experience of its elements was depicted through sketches. Compared to the others, this was more relaxing and slow-paced. Owing to that, it provided an atmosphere to feel and personally inhabit the space as though it was real. And I did for a moment feel flattered about the fact that I was able to embody and retain few of the my initial concepts of the spaces. But, I repeatedly reminded myself to not get too attached to it that I begin to sideline or ignore its flaws. The design is not yet perfect, or to be more aptly said, not yet fully inclusive of everything that I conceptualised for it, and there have been compromises on few while being firm on not letting go of others. But, I have discovered along these weeks that that’s how this entire cycle of design, rejection, correction and resolution goes on. So, I look forward to continue this journey and take it to the end, anticipating to see how it finally turns out!

Sketches depicting the nature of inhabitation of spaces

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