After the midterm my design has mainly focused on the inhabitation and nature of the space. How are my family members going to use them but not keeping in mind some people. How the basic household chaos happens. How the things are randomly on the floor and stuff like that. 

My volumetric model that I had in the midterm has changed a bit for a room or two and the placement of the staircase. But the basic theme I had to keep is the same. The placement has changed by keeping in mind the powerful junctions that the house could form and by keeping in mind the user experience of the spaces.

We were supposed to make cardboard models and an axonometric exploded view of our design. These steps really helped us in understanding the structure and space more. I started with the physical model as the model moved forward. It gave me a direction of space that how a simple brick wall can give a different experience then a frame structured wall. How placement of the column can really affect the design and space of inhabitation. I started the model by dividing it into 3 parts. As the first part got done I started getting a sense of the placement of the columns and height.

The exploded axonometric gave the idea of the order of the building and its elements and the placement of it. 

Axonometric exploded view

The final placement of the new childhood home was to be done on the neighbourhood map but by not just sticking the plan or section but also bringing the sense of the neighbourhood in the home and the same language of the map and home which was really fun.

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