Adapting the spaces

The general design of my house was ready following the mid-term assessment, however there were minor adjustments. The emphasis was now on how individuals would adapt the location and character of the dwelling. How will members make use of the space?

My main issue was focused at the courtyard and the walls. Building a larger courtyard adjacent to the congregation space while reducing wall construction. In my most recent design, I included a U-shaped structure in the middle that serves as a partition between two rooms as well as storage. Despite the fact that it resulted in additional building, it gave greater circulation space to the areas. Initially, I just supplied the U-shaped structure on the topmost floor, but subsequently, the location of the wardrobe became an issue, so I constructed the structure on all floors.

Later on, we had to create a volumetric soap model as well as an exploded axonometric model of the concept.

Before that, we built a cardboard model, which helped me comprehend the building’s construction and structure. such as the assistance necessary at specific points how the load will affect the building

Exploded Axonometric view

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