Third Dimension Of My Childhood Home

After having a good mid-semester review this week we came closer to finalize the design of my childhood home, and after trying to resolve the design incorporating to mid-semester reviews to further understand the design and structure we made a 1:75 scale cardboard model of our house. I enjoyed making cardboard model and while making it I also learnt new techniques and understood my design in a better way. Till now we could only see our drawing in screens or in printouts but making a 3d model it really helped to understand the design.

Apart from the cardboard model I also made an axometric exploded view of my childhood home using a software. exploded view was something a made for the first time. I was a little nervous about making it as it seemed a bit difficult. but when I started it was fun and I really enjoyed working on it though it was for first time it took little time and also is not that perfect but I’m happy as it was my first try and I gave my best.

Apart form this exploded model other things I did this week were sections and elevations which I drafted digitally and made a soap model to understand to volumes of spaces in my childhood home. We also did a site map, in which I placed a section of my childhood home in the neighborhood map we did in privies exercise and at the end I made the most important two views of my childhood home.

The first view is of the entrance veranda which will be used as a congregation space for my grandparents and their friend or guests and the second view is from kid’s space at -6 level.

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