The way we were parented and brought up, and how was our childhood in general have a huge impact on our adulthood, it shapes our perspective for the rest of our lives because childhood is the time when we are the most impressionable and absorbs a lot. The impact can be seen in adulthood whether we like solitude more than congregation or the other way round or what’s our thoughts about when it comes to intimacy and intimate spaces. How comfortable we are with sharing our thoughts with others and how comfortable we are with sharing a space with someone else. Here architecture plays a huge role in creating a space that resonates with that person’s personality and requirements; where that person can feel comfortable enough to call that place his home.

the two-month-long exercises we did help me achieve the same, it helped me look deep into my childhood, making me remember the smells, sounds, colours and all the other subtle things that were hidden somewhere deep in my head. We started with many different exercises and collages that helped me to remember all the subtleties from my childhood which were then used to make a design of a near to perfect house that resonates with our childhood needs. For this, an image was first made; an image that gives an abstract idea of the experience I was looking for. That image was then transformed into a diagram which was further turned into an architectural space. From here we made multiple iterations of our designs, changing and tweaking until we reached our desired design.

The whole exercise not only made me realise how much our childhood impacts our current perspective of the world and likes and dislikes but also taught me to create a space that I can comfortably inhabit and call it a home.

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