Building For Future

Memories of childhood are very few, but they are more precious. Everyone has fantasized  about their ideal home as a kid. I also dreamt about one day creating my own home. I designed my home over the course of two weeks by solving the faults I noticed in my  childhood home.

shoebox model of childhood home

I started drawing pictures, schematics, and bubble diagrams of our designs in the first week. To get at the final result, many iterations were performed out. Every iteration was a step forward in learning process. By solving minor problems, I learnt about mass, voids, as well as how to create space. Instead of altering the entire design, I tried to keep the fundamental shape the same this time. During the design process, the site’s size was limited to keep it in line with the hidden location. The pit was 14m x 8m in size. I didn’t want to overbuild the house, therefore my design had a restricted amount of areas. I separated the areas and stacked together.

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