Ups and Downs

Designing a childhood home for myself and my family made me feel very excited. I knew this task was going to be different because, in addition to my likes and dislikes, I would also have to incorporate everything my family members wanted.
After working on my autobigraphica for the past week, I went on to create an image and program of my childhood home. Since I spent my entire childhood in the UAE, I decided to place my childhood home there. It was not an easy decision since the UAE climate was not conducive to many of the things I wanted in my childhood home. Because of the heat outside, I spent most of my childhood indoors, and so, I wanted the design of my childhood home to allow me and my siblings to play outside as well.

Based on discussions with my tutors and peers, I came up with the idea of an inverted pyramid that resembled a block of cheese. I was quite pleased with the image and could not wait to see it taking shape in plans and sections. I wanted to see if it would be possible for me to create a house from a fairly abstract image.

Because I created them so quickly, my initial plans and sections didn’t work. I did not think a lot except to decide what spades would be present on each floor. Although I wasn’t very happy with how it turned out, I thought it was okay since it was only the first version. However, I was extremely nervous after my second attempt, as it did not go as well as I had hoped. 

I felt excited to work on improving it once again after my third iteration opened up a lot of potential. 

From the beginning, I had imagined cutouts in the slab growing bigger with each level, with light filtered through them creating a sort of pyramid. I gave up the idea somewhere along the way and decided to have the same cutouts at each level instead. While this step solved several problems in my design, it left me feeling highly devastated. I realised that there are times when I will have to give up some of the things that I really like in order to achieve a better result, and I should never fall in love with my own design. I am definitely still a work in progress in this area. 

Though the process of improving designs and making plans and sections accordingly was fun for me, it was difficult for me to come up with a new iteration quickly after one. My time was not managed as well as it should have been, since I would spend a large part of it thinking about what I wanted to accomplish and how little time I had. 

Making soap models was a completely new experience for me and I was really excited to try it. My favorite part of the process was melting and letting the soap harden, and then cutting it up into the required sizes. However, assembling the parts was something I didn’t expect to dislike so much. The cubes kept sliding off of my hand during my initial attempts, and I wanted to give up several times. While I noticed that I was getting better at it with each iteration even if it was only by a very small percentage. Hopefully, there will be a cliche of “practice makes a man perfect”. 

All in all, the week flew by and I feel so accomplished when I see all my final work put together.

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