The offline rush!

The past two weeks were exciting as we had been in a process of designing the childhood home of a 10-year younger self started online and ended offline. In the first week in order to get going in our design process of recreating childhood homes, we made bubble diagrams, images, diagrams, and soap models. And in the next week, we made continuous iterations of childhood home along with another soap model. The previous week was quite thrilling as we did some fun activities like catching rice balls and drawing openings etc.

the design was to be kept 50 percent built and the rest unbuilt and the pit wall was supposed to be 6 m high and + 3 M above. The idea was to create a space in which the built-form of the one building works as a terrace /balcony for another built-form and create some meandering path as per the need.

Ground floor plan of my childhood house

I started off by making some iterations of the childhood home which evolved in a built form in which all the three blocks are stacked on top of each other and the opposite side of the built form has the same configuration except for the part it was made on split levels.

The section shows the split level

After making plans and a section of this idea I made a 1:100 volumetric soap model. In which the green shows the double volume, white shows enclosed space, blue represent wet areas and red shows pathway or slab

Soap model shows the overall massing

Then on the last day of the offline studio, we made a collage of the work we had been doing for the past week. Overall it was a fun experience working offline. I also observed we produced more work offline than online. if we work more offline we may produce much better work.

collage made of all the previous work an iterations

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