Reimaging the childhood home

While imaging my new childhood home, one of the first things that appeared were things I liked the most in the old childhood and how it can be placed again in the new one. Those things were the plants to create a microclimate around the house and connecting the kitchen to other spaces was very important for me. As I have a small family including me and parents so there was only a small number of spaces needed. The spaces were to be placed in the 6m deep pit, on account of this I planned to place the kitchen on the intermediate level. Furthermore, making the entrance easy to access from the kitchen I tried to place it half flight making it a split level. 

While playing with levels one of the major realisations was to keep the split level and normal level as different mass blocks and then it could be connected through the staircase. And the split level was also creating a whole space of 1.5 m in the basement. So to overcome this the underneath space can be at double height, or a plinth can be created or the staircase can be broken in parts.

This was easily visualized when I started to make a volumetric model and to realise the gap of 1.5m. At the start I used wax to make them but it was harder to cut it from the block and too heavy to elevate a block on the pillars. So then  I used a soap base which was easier to cut and light in weight. 

As this brief was performed in offline class there were many learnings which won’t be possible through online class. One of them was peer learning, where I observed different methods to do the same task. I learnt a new method to create a plan, by using graph paper ,tracing paper and drawing it freehand. On the other hand I also realised that not all methods can be comfortable to work faster, I felt drafting was faster than drawing it freehand and then tracing it , furthermore inking the drawing. While learning offline there was a faster and easier conversation with my peers and seniors which helped to solve my doubts while working. While working offline it also gave me realization of my speed of working as I was very much slower than other students. And now I am trying to increase my speed of working. 

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