Rebuilding A Childhood Fantasy

The last two weeks have been the continuation and cumulation of the previous set of works or per say, process of re-imagining a childhood home for my 10 year old self. The process of arriving at a design at the end of this week was a long journey starting from visualising and putting forth clearly the image that I have of my childhood home.

Having been with my grandparent’s in a rural setting during my vacations, the home was mostly a place of fun, with studies hardly interfering. This was ensured by the presence of the my little cousin also. Sunny and cloudy days hardly mattered as I roamed the streets along my grandfather, the sound of the bike engine being the only constant as we crossed several places, from my toffee store, to his regular rendezvous place with his friends. If not my grandfather, then my cousin would be my companion to dive and swim in the nearby canal. Hence, a large of my time, was spent outside the home. But, that doesn’t diminish the value of my grandparents’ home, with its green entrance and welcoming people.

Thus, the image of new childhood home developed from these experiences, incorporating the outside environment within the house, while the movement across the house was similar to the flow of water, that I became familiar with through my swims in the canal. But, bringing a twist to it in the underground pit, the house followed the reverse principle of the river, involving first a fast movement, then slow.

Implementation of it was done by using ramps and stairs to replicate the experience and the series of iteration through soap models and drafting improved the technicality and experience of the design.

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