Rambling Voids

The notion of levitating terraces and enclosed masses which comes from the image of the previous exercises has kept me inquisitive and creative for my design of childhood home. Another layer of idea overlapped which was to connect the spaces visually in multiple directions but access to that place is specific. By working on these layers of idea a diagram was created which gives the broader sense of the home and allows to articulate the design gradually. The immediate step was to start building the layout with multiple quick iterations.

I learnt that quick iterations for the layout  helps to explore spatial organisation and relationship of the different spaces. To boost the process, I have allowed my mind to focus on some basic principles like volume of the spaces in terms of size as well as form, movement between these volumes, visual connections and the imagery grid for the alignment of these volumes.

A narrow pit of 7.7m width was a big task to deal with as the idea of levitating masses covers a large volume for the play which eats up the area of open spaces. So I have to maintain a certain ratio of open to build spaces which provides an adequate amount of light and ventilation till the lowest floor. This guided me to stack some of my volumes on each other and negotiate with the idea of floating volumes upto some extent. This principle is also followed for the movement spine and vertical circulation so it fits in the minimum area. This whole process has changed my perception of how design should imitate the diagram or concept. I learnt that we should never stick to an image which will be seen in our design but the notion of concept or diagram is important which drives me throughout the process.

When the material and structure came into the thinking process, lots of new questions arose in the design. While putting up the structure in the plan I got to know how the grid really helps. Some junctions need to be aligned when the structure is to be thought of. The furniture and humans in the drawings also need to be added to get the sense of inhabitation. While doing that I got to know that some of the rooms are not sufficient to accommodate a certain number of people with the required furniture.

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