Dream Come True with Touch of Experience

This offline week spent at campus was my first experience of working in the studio. I never thought that I would stay at campus for almost 12 hours. But it was fun and a new learning too.

My first day started with filling rice in the balloon within 20 minutes which was funny as well as challenge because its difficult to push rice in empty balloon beyond its capacity. But we did it. Then came the twist, sir asked us to play catch with those balloons, throwing them randomly to any person without waiting for him/her to be ready. Everyone giggled as the balloons were falling here and there and sometimes hitting face with a thump. Playing this for half an hour everyday in this week helped me to learn to be aware. On the first day I managed to catch only a few balloons but towards the end of the week I managed to catch most of them, sometimes two at time. Post the game we used to roam around the campus and sketch, sometimes the openings while sometimes the plans and diagrams. It helped me understand the scale and proportion which was difficult to gauge while sketching online. It also gave me a chance to explore the campus in a quick manner to understand the layout of it.

For the rest of the day, we used to continue to modify and improve our design for our childhood home. In offline mode, my efficiency of working increased due to the environment around. I produced required number of drawings in lesser time compared to the online mode. Even the reviews seemed much more efficient, as I managed to understand almost all the comments and suggestions. Offline mode also increased peer discussions which helped resolve many queries while working.

Now came the design of my dream childhood home. With large pit I managed to get a luxurious home for myself and my family. I always imagine of open spaces like private terrace, large balcony and double volume spaces which became the key point for my design. It has large open area to play, relax and gather with a nice lounge setting on the lowest level. There are three generous size courtyard formed in due to the placement of these spaces.

Resolving the issues of scale and proportion, I reached at a stage where all my expectations came true. I had terrace, verandah, balcony and even the double volume. The projections came out from here and there which made the design look engaging and not like a cuboid placed in the pit. Choosing the material as timber, made the feel of the house completely different from what I imagined. It felt like small scale cottage. It was the reminiscence of the resort I stayed in Kerala in vacation. Looking at all this coming together made me fell very happy though I faced hard time in the last two days as I lagged behind in the quantity of work. Timber for me was a new material which I have never seen in drawings until now neither I knew how it is used. So my major time went into figuring out the details of timber construction and incorporating them in my design. At some point of time I also felt like giving up the idea of using timber but then I wanted to try something new other then concrete construction. this motivated me to move ahead with this material.

I have never drawn such a detailed drawing. But at the end I am still not satisfied as I didn’t met the expected number of drawings as well the rendered drawing.

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