A Week Offline.

Time flies so fast that I didn’t even realized that we are in the middle of this semester and as told before our eight week was offline on campus. I was really excited to meet my tutors for the first time in person and all my peers. learning things offline is much much better than online lectures, we could interact with each other so nicely and had a great one week offline.

Offline learning has taught me a lot of new things including time management and peer learning. On campus I could literally work whole day without getting distracted unlike at home. Everyday in morning we had a amazing warm exercise (ball game) where we were asked to bring rice filled balloons and than play with it. This game was really fun and we also learned many things. Followed by the game we had our vsr exercise which was also fun and interesting everyday we had a new vsr to do and had a discussion on it. I don’t have pictures of those exercise as we left our drawing pinned up on the boards in studio. After that we had discussions on our childhood home in which we created soap models to understand to the volumes of space we have imagined and the plans and sections of it. Working with soap was something really new and interesting, as soap is very easy to cut, melt and model I enjoyed making those model but sometimes soap became too stick because of moisture around. We tried different configurations of the spaces using soap blocks and also made plan sections of it. I really enjoyed and learned a lot more things offline as compared to online. I also learned that drafting manually makes us more clear about the quality and dimension of space we are creating and it also consumes less time than drafting digitally.

Different Iterations of soap model.

In hurry to get discussed I forgot to document many of my drawings and also one of my soap models and that is the only sad part of this week. We learned a lot of new things and enjoyed but I was not able to attend the last lecture offline as in was unwell but the four day I spent were really progressive and satisfying

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