Nostalgic Journey

After the secret place, we get introduced to the new module and I can say one of my favorite modules. This is something I don’t stress about what output would be, I’m just happy with the process. A process of collecting memories of the decade back and put them together on paper. 

First I started with collecting memories of my neighbourhood. I remember playing with dogs, buying toffees and candies on a way back home from tuition, cycling in the street, playing with friends at night, collecting flowers, and then do nothing with them. I remember jumping a small distance between two terraces with my friends to go to another street to play. I tried to put all of these things together as a cognitive map. It reminded me of many long-lost friends, with whom I have shared amazing childhood memories but now have no idea about them. 

These are all beautiful memories but remember nostalgia is a liar. Nothing was ever as beautiful as we remember it to be. There must be some bitter memories too, but those are very blurred in my mind. But I still remember being bullied in the corner of the street and in the next iteration I tried to add that too. This time I tried to represent things with colorful collage.

Then coming to the memories inside the house. In the workshop first, we tried to depict a sense of sound, smell, warmth and cold, light and rhythm. After making all of those elements spontaneously, I made a collage out of it. In the collage, I also tried to show some of the textures which were important for me, or I have some memories attached with them. 

A fact that I love about collage is, everything on the collage is representing the way I have felt or experienced that place. Even though everything on the collage is specific to my memory, it is open for different interpretations by observers. 

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