Expressing a 10 Year Old’s Perspective

Writing an autobiography as a recollection of memories of my childhood was a wonderful experience. As I was writing and making sketches for the autobiography, I remembered some happy moments of my childhood. I also gathered memories of my childhood home which I had almost forgot. The graphics of the slide was given textures which resembled the textures of walls of my home. While sketching the programme I felt like I am Penning down my childhood dreams.

In the initial iteration I was obsessed with the black and white graphics for my autobiography but then I realized that it does not represent the emotions that I thought of. The black gave the feeling of boldness and emptiness, so I decided to change from black and white to grey scale.

Assembling works from different exercises to make a meaningful graphic was a unique experience. At first I was clueless about the starting but then I found a way through it. I started by putting my works on a slide without much thinking and it helped me to create an interesting cover page for my autobiography. And that’s how I created my first graphic autobiography.

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