Collecting Memories For New Childhood Home

Last week we finally used all the sketches, portraits, spatial profiles and body studies we have made during a VSR or any other studio exercise. 

First, starting with a process, I have combined all the sketches for a graphic novella autobiography of my childhood. I recalled decade old memories, equipped them to write a narration with a little bit of the filling of a function. Once narration was ready, the challenge was to present it through the graphics which I already made.

Sketches and spatial profiles helped me to give an idea of the spaces. Portraits and body studies helped me to build characters for the graphic novella. Putting all the work together and tying them in such a way that it would look like a part of any one graphic novella was a challenge.

All these challenges are worth it since as the output I got the brief of my new childhood house. Through this graphic novella I figure out how my 10 year old self would like her house to be. All those crazy ideas I had as a child, would be put onto the papers for real. At the end of the graphic novella I made the bubble diagram of my new childhood home. Can’t wait to work on this brief and design my new childhood home!

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