Warming Up

Drafting by hand, an activity I had not involved myself with in the past year with online studios, became a part of my daily routine. At first it felt quite intimidating, just like it was the very first time I held a parallel bar and the set square, but by the end of the first session, I felt reacquainted with something I really loved even during the first year of my education.

The exercise consisted of drafting plans, sections, elevations and the surface developments for the respective models in each configuration. Cutting and pasting of card paper to make the models was also quite a fun process to be a part of in the morning when the mind is afresh.

The excavation of my childhood home in a cuboid of thermocol, proved to be messy yet quite enriching. I remembered where the walls began and remembered where the walls stopped. The columns, the arches, the windows and the doors. All these elements were incorporated into the thermocol by the method of subtraction. Various tools were used for excavating in different ways to eventually end up with what my childhood home felt like in terms of mass and volume.

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