Using a Story To Imagine

A dream of my childhood home was imagined through looking at the house where I lived a decade ago. Reopening the pages of lost memories it reminded me , “transparency of the house”. Every activity done in the house was visible to the neighbours there was no privacy as even the master bedroom was also aligned to the neighbouring house. As we live in an apartment there is hardly 4m distance between two houses. These things were represented through an autobiographical narrative piece represented through comics. 

This exercise also reminded me of  planting plants around the house as we loved greenery. This created a green wall around the house and gave the house privacy from the neighbours. While working through this piece of narrative it gave me understanding of the relationship between text and the graphics. Where graphics convey the thoughts faster than the text and it is visually easy to read. It gave me learning of how to deal with a piece of narrative in order to select particular important aspects and create them as scenes in the comic. Overall it gave understanding of how to balance the sheets visually by text, graphic and the colours to emphasize necessary things. While working through this it reminded me of jumping through all over the house when the plants were planted, the happiness was like getting a new family member or a sibling.

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