The Future of The Past

The autobiographica was to be made needed the earlier exercise that were done including VSR. That made us visit the part of the semester that has been finished. The exercise gave me two realization. The first realization was to be consistent with work because you never know when it’ll be useful. The second is the memories, stories and how directly or indirectly when we were kids thought about spaces. I didn’t realize that until this exercise.

This exercise helped me to learn how to combine images with text to express drama, point of view and make it interesting for the reader. My first idea was let’s put all the pictures on the same page. That really helped me make a whole story and connect everything properly.

To start the story I had to make a cover page which was relevant to the entire story and the program. I put down a plan of my childhood home and all the main characters of the story below it. I had to give a feeling in the page so I decided to add a type of design from my collage and then I continued it in all the remaining slides. I wanted colours which I can relate to as a child.

1st page

I didn’t want a story from some part of the day. I wanted to show my whole day as a child because I used to live in an apartment and every single hour used to bring something exciting. Starting with the morning there used to be a watchman we used to call him pagi bapa. He took care of everything A to Z for the apartment but as he was old he tended to forget sometimes. So in the 2nd page everyone including my mom is asking him to fill up the water tanki as he forgot to.

2nd page

After this all the things in the background we used to leave for the school at 7:30 our van used to come. My brother Sarvak always was very excited and scared if he missed the van. So in the 3rd page he is asking me to walk fast but we had so many stairs. Sometimes bottles from our hands also used to fall down when we were sleepy. And we used to get tired of climbing down and up these stairs as we used to have a very big school bag. I have tried to show the depth of the stairs in the page but this is just from the 1st floor. I used to live on the 2nd so I had to climb down double of it. My dadi because of these stairs didn’t really go anywhere and when go she immediately after climbing down the stairs used to sit on this otla that I have shown which is connected with the shops.

3rd page

So that was the main issue of the whole apartment.

Coming back from the school we used to directly put our bags in the living room and sit there watch TV and eat lunch. Living room of my home was very lively. Because it was by default connected with the kitchen, bedroom and every space. So it used to be a lot more interactive. We used to see each other a lot throughout the day. And I loved that part.

4th page

But the problem was every place I go to do my homework there must be some disturbance. So I always used to wish for a large study room where I can draw my stuff and do my homework just sitting.

5th page

We had this large balconies on each floor and everybody used to love that and was always very excited to see some festival from above. But the problem was there were too many people but a very less space in the balcony so everyone used to think what if they had a personal balcony. And from that time I and my whole family loved balconies. 

6th page

Because it was an apartment I had many friends, some of which were common between me and my brother but everybody used to live on the first floor and we on the second floor. So every evening and night we used to play. But we were already tired of the stairs because we used to climb up and down a lot, maybe sometimes to buy some chocolates downstairs. So I loved to play and there was a lot of space but because I used to get tired I always thought what if my home has all this space so I don’t have to go anywhere.

7th page

We had both the bedrooms faced near the during the night everyone was playing and some of the people who slept early were getting disturbed every single day including my dadi. So she used to think of being in some quiet place. But she used to love living in the apartment so when my father was building our new home she used to say I hope our new home feels like this home.

8th page

So my program is quite clear, very less stairs and less for dadi so dadi’s place for rest directly connects to the stairs. Then my study room directly connects with the children’s restroom.But to give a feeling of an apartment I want to keep huge passages in my home. Going below there directly comes a place to dine which is connected to a place to cook which is connected to a place to gather and then that is connected with again a huge passage and restroom for my parents. So I wanted to make the living room as lively as possible as my earlier home which connects to every space. And as I mentioned my family loves balconies so I want to give personal balconies to each room.

Program for the new childhood home.
Image for the new childhood home.

Overall I loved the experience of doing this exercise and remembering my childhood memories and making a new childhood home.

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