These last two weeks vsr was more focused on the technical aspects of the drawing and model making quality. It was a contrast of the last two vsrs. We were given 4 different configurations and then had to make models of the same and draft their drawings. The configurations were very big and it took more of our time then just 1 hour in the morning. 

We used to solve the configuration a day prior to its submission and discuss with peers if we have any doubt. So this really helped me interact with others.One day we had to make a model and another day draft it’s plans,sections and elevations. In all the configurations it took 1.5 hour to complete. But I loved to solve the configurations so it was quite interesting for me. The exercise really helped us understand the technicalities of the drawings.

Then another exercise was to carve our childhood home from an A5 thermocol sheet. I loved that exercise because it then helped in another exercise too. I learned relationships between each space and how the spaces formed not only by building the wall but also with the feeling of the memories. 

On one monday we had to quickly make drawings of our childhood home with approx measurements and line drawing. At first I didn’t really understand why this exercise in the middle of the configurations and technicalities but now I realized it helped me a lot to express spaces in my autobiographica.

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