Subtracting the shapes

Imaging 3d shapes and then cutting them at angles and creating these truncated shape models  gave an enthusiastic morning. While doing this process it required a lot of math which exercised the mind. To understand the angle of cut and the perfect sizes I drew a plan and a front elevation of the shape. Further, to create surface developments it took a time to understand the true shape of the truncated face. It gave me learning how to paste and make clean edges models though it was hard to create a cylinder. 

After making a model, the orthographic projection was to be drafted. While drafting this I used to check with the models if they look similar in that elevation. It gave me an understanding of line weights, which line would be thicker. It also increased my speed of drafting as it was to be completed within an hour. Somewhere, it also developed the skill of drafting in an organized manner where plan and front elevation should be exactly in the centre of the page so that the side elevations fit in well.

Another exercise was to create a plan of my house through the excavation in the thermocol. While cutting through the thermocol it took a tour of the house in mind to recognize the spaces which are higher and lower. For example, in general the bathroom are lower than the regular slab of the house. So further, I excavated deeper for the bathroom and the balconies. It was fun to excavate the spaces, especially the stairs.

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