Stitching a Story

Writing a story with newly created work is one thing but stitching a whole new story from previously created work is just a different kind of experience which sounded like a very intimidating thing to me in the beginning. we did not just have to stitch the work together into a narrative, but it should also make sense. I believe this exercise taught me a lot more than story writing and creating a narrative from your childhood memories.

 The exercise began with collecting and compiling our work together and deciding what to keep and what not to in the graphic novella. The second step then began with coming up with a narrative from our childhood memories describing our experience in living in our childhood home. For me, this was the most fun step. With no restriction whatsoever I looked back in my memories where I used to play all day and don’t have to worry about anything. I came up with the memory of me and my sister playing house in the empty dining area and how fun and memorable those moments were for me in my childhood.

The entire exercise taught me how to find weave a story and a narrative from the previously created work we made for our childhood home, remembering spaces as more than just living room and dining room but remembering them as a play area, fun zone and just as a space where my good and bad memories were associated, this not just adds emotional value to the space but also reflects what I look in spaces now in the present.

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