Recreation for the new

In this exercise we compiled all our previous work made during the first 6 weeks at the studio. We could choose to eliminate a few works and also add some new work to it. The main purpose of this autobiographica is to portray a story from the past which told about our home in the future. What all images we could see while imagining the new house in our past. Following images show how I remembered going for live sketching to a park even though I was only 10 or 11 years old at max. I have tried to show what all I faced and what I loved about my house, and it also shows what qualities I look forward to for the new home from the memory. 

It was an exercise where we got a creative chance of doing all the fun we could. Making drawings with mediums and techniques, and then compiling into 10-11 plates challenged the language and style of the work which was to be produced. But the process of getting to this output is way more interesting than I had thought about.

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