Recreating Story of My Childhood

Here is the stage where actually our process of making childhood home comes in. This week we started of with a fun exercise of creating a autobiographic of our childhood. The process was really fascinating as here we went deep into our childhood memories, and how we were related to the family members and the of inhabitation.

At first I really felt lost and didn’t know how to go about it so then I decided not to think much and I started placing my old sketches and works together. After placing all my sketches and elements together, I sort of started seeing some relation between them and the relations were so strong that they actually relate to my childhood, so further I divided sketches and elements into different sheets according to their relation. While placing this things together in sheets and looking at them I remembered my routine childhood conversations with my family. I added different conversations with my family members in different sheets. The story reflects how I used to spend my usual vacation day.

I didn’t like to be indoors as a kid, I loved playing outdoors or even inside the house I mostly spend my time being in my veranda or balcony or terrace. I used to love being around people outside. And I tired to reflect these points in my story as well.

This is how my day used to get started.

The story starts from morning when its time for papa to leave for his office, Mumma used wake me up to see-off papa while he is going to office and after papa leaves I used to go and sit on swing and sometimes sleep there again. Balcony is the first I go after waking up even today and then sit on swing even more two-three minutes. I can’t imagine my day without doing so hence I felt this part was important.

All day was play time.

As a kid I used to always wait to go out and play with my friends or cycle in noon after Mumma also leaves for her office, and my sweetest grandma always kept a watch over me and took care of me as I play carelessly and always hurt myself while playing.

Ice-cream time!

My family owns a shop near my house and my grandfather handles the shop, besides our shop is a general store where I used to go almost everyday to have a ice-cream and chips


At evening time when everybody is home we gather and spend sometime with each other in our veranda and than after some times I and my elder brother with his friends used to go to a park nearby to play. He never wanted to take me with him because I used to tease and annoy him a lot and never let him play because he didn’t allow me to play with them, he always have to look over me as I was an impatient kid run here and there in park and some day my friend also used to come with us.

Family time!

We always have our dinner together and talk about our day or discuss things and have some family time together in our living room maybe watch tv or by talking.

And than this story comes to and end as I go to sleep and have some sweet dreams of my childhood home.

Okay so this was my little story made with love after discussions with tutors and peers and I tried several iterations and also tried to add colors ( wasted a lot of time) but I was not satisfied with colors so ended up keeping is Black, grey and white again. but this is the exercise where I enjoyed the most till now.

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