Plan, Section and Elevation

VSR3 was very different than the VSR’s we did in past. The first two VSR’s were more module based as did sketching in them but this exercise was about model making and than drafting. This exercise was technical unlike the last two. this brief focused on making models and orthographic drawings of different prisms.

There were four different configurations, the exercise was fun once you solve the configuration. while reading configurations it felt that this exercise is very difficult and it will be boring, but after discussing it with peers and teacher, the exercise turn out to be easy and fun. It was all about understanding the configurations and the shapes, to understand I tried sketching it quickly while reading.

Directly making model was a bit difficult because model has to be made after making cuts at different angles so to understand the dimension of cut sides I first drafted digitally, after drafting digitally measuring the cut sides it than became more easier to make a model. I made model using surface development, so I first drafted the drawing for surface development and than further made model out of it and manually drafted the orthographic drawings.

The exercise was two weeks long and we had only and hour per day so I could complete all the orthographic drawings in given time.

This VSR module also had two different part related to the on going studio brief, the first part was to excavate our childhood home out of a piece of thermocol, we were given a two inches thick A5 size piece of thermocol from which we had to crave out the childhood home with the spaces we imagined. I love working with thermocol and we’ve been working with it since school but this time it was a whole different experience as we had to crave it out. Apart the enjoying the model making I also faced some issues as craving out is bit difficult and I also broke one of the walls because it was thin and I had to remove the part inside, while removing that part the wall slightly broke, I learned that patience plays and very important role here but I’m learning patience so with practice I’ll make up to it. This part was really fun. The model was then used as an element into a collage of our previse brief.

The second part after model was to make plan and sections of the house we lived in as a kid. We had only and hour to do and we also didn’t had measurements to draft so we were told to make freehand drawings. I could make only two drawings in given time, one plan and one section but I tried to make it in maximum detail I remembered about my childhood home. Remembering things about childhood is always fun and I really loved my old house so I really enjoyed drawing this exercise.

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