My Childhood Novel

The past two weeks was all about our experiences in our childhood home and design changes which can enhance the same experiences. A graphic novella containing some of our previously made work was made to bring these childhood experiences life. When I think of home the first thing that comes to my mind is the loving touch of my mother, even on few of the worst days my mothers caressing touch and uplifting words were sufficient to change the mood around. For the aforementioned reason my graphic novella is based on my mothers quick fixes to my down days.

The graphic novel has been made on Autodesk Sketchbook, following a black and white theme to emphasise the role sun rays at different times of the day and through different openings also played a role in my childhood. In the later slides I’ve added jali walls, louvres, balconies and several other openings as changes in the design since the flow of light into my house plays an important role in determining my mood for the day. Through this exercise I’ve seen a substantial improvement in my skills of rendering on sketchbook. I’ve also learned how to organise various pieces together in harmony with one another.
The last two weeks have been a beautiful trip down memory lane and a fun experience of learning and evolving.

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