Multiview drawing

Multiview drawing is drafting Plan, Section and Elevation of geometric prisms. We got two weeks to complete the configuration model and orthographic drawings. As we had to three – dimensional model of it, it was a little hard to understand the descriptive text. Using paper or cardboard and drawings in 1:1 scale, the model had to be made in 1:2 scale. There were four different layouts, and each one took two days to complete. This was the initial configuration, which had a hexagonal prism and a pentagonal prism, with the hexagonal vertices oriented north-south, and the pentagonal vertices aligned east. One face each of the Hexagon and Pentagon are aligned to each other. A sectional plane sloping downwards from the east to west, making a 30 degree angle with the top face of the prism, cuts through both the objects. Since it was the first formation, it’s unclear how the sectional plane will cut through it: from the top or the bottom, for example. However, after discussing it with the other members of the group, it became obvious.

There were three alternative ways to set up the formation, each with their own set of requirements. The second used a right-angled Trapezoidal prism and a rhomboid as the sectional plane to form a triangle in the center. Three of the cuboids were 5cm in length, 5cm in width, and 15cm in height, while four of the cuboids were 5cm in length, 5cm in width, and 18 cm in height.

Directly making model without drawing was more difficult as it has to be made according to the cuts at different angle, so I tried many sketch iterations while reading the descriptive text. Wh1il1e making Model, I used surface development method and later with full cuts and half cuts I made the model. As I was confused in the starting of exercise, I was not able to complete it at the last configuration which I have to make sure that doesn’t happen.

There another of VSR which was connected to studio brief of childhood home where we had to show the spaces of house using thermocol sheet of 2 inch and thick of A5 size. While craving out the thermocol sheet, I made the walls thick so that it doesn’t break. overall it was fun exercise and i really enjoyed it.

Later on, we also made the plan and section of our childhood home. Because I didn’t have the measurements, I sketched it proportionately. It was enjoyable and exciting to remember about my childhood.

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