Model Making and Hand Drafting

The module two warm up exercises were very engrossing. It involved four questions which we had to solve and make models and drawings of it. Different solids were formed and their 3D models were made. Making the models required a lot of attention to be paid at the details like dimensions and angles. Since the questions had cut sections through the solids, the models had slopes and were a little complex. Getting the dimensions and angles on the paper had to be done with precision. 

After making the models we had to draw plans, sections and elevations of the models. This warm up exercise was a little easier-going than the making models one. Hand drafting has always been enjoyable for me. There were little things that I had to keep in mind like line weights and hatching while drafting. I feel like hand drafting is a basic skill that one should master.

There were two days when we had a little change in our routine of models and drawings. We had to excavate and carve our childhood home from a thermocol cuboid. I was working on thermocol for the first time and it involved a lot of initial tries. I had to research what was the right way of cutting thermocol because the first try was very messy and rough. The second change was that we had to draft plans and sections of our childhood home through memory. It was a rough draft with approximate dimensions that we could remember.

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