Memories of House

I told a narrative about my ideal house from my childhood in this Novella. I gathered all of my past studio practice drawings and created an autobiography of myself. Throughout the process, I struggled to organize the entire set of drawings based on the tale since my drawings and the story did not match. My initial sketches did not correspond to the brief. As a result, in the final version, I created a few sketches of my childhood house.

I only recalled portions of the narrative, so it took me a short time to recall the entire story. The first section was a visual portrayal of the tale of recollections that would lead to the new house idea. The next step was to convey our appreciation and excitement for the novella as we were creating it. Choosing the right media for the novella is crucial. Because it was about the past, I chose a black and white motif with a few splashes of color in between portraits.

My narrative revolves around a summer vacation I took at home. My hand was broken while playing in the garden on the final day of school, so I spent the holiday at home. Despite the fact that it occurred after school. As a result of that experience, I took a close look at my home and the things that disturbed me and my family members. Our room had no windows and was dark and comfortable. The roof of the verandah was built of metal sheet since the verandah was too hot in the summer, and the last step was to remove the steps and replace them with a slope because my sister has trouble ascending stairs. Overall, I had a great time with the process and was pleased with the results.

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