Mapping and Tacking Memories

Remembering the childhood while doing an exercise in the form of workshop was a memorable experience of CEPT until now. I never thought there are so many hidden memories associated with my childhood home which I don’t recall in usual days – the happy moments of eating ice cream on streets and sad as well of falling down while learning skating. Though I don’t remember the actual distances between spaces and other neighbourhood clearly apart from my favorite places, I was enjoying the journey as I drew the streets and the points which I visited the most. Depicting memories and neighbourhood at a same time, I enjoyed the process and the outcome too.

Collage making was a lot of fun. Putting memories on paper within 4 minutes didn’t allowed my mind think of anything and thus something abstract came out and was a masterpiece to me. Also the process of merging pieces representing sound, smell, temperature and light was the most enjoyed one. I also learnt that overthinking can lead to drawings and collage which lack happiness and love. The entire process along with excavating the thermocol to reveal our childhood home was a way to recall the old memories.

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