Learning Discipline

Drafting is a task we do almost everyday but this time, the important factors were time taken to produce given quantity and with quality. While drafting plans, sections and elevations in one hour, sometimes I missed on maintaining the appropriate line weights. On the other hand I sometimes missed to poche the walls in sections. As I moved towards the end of the brief I managed to address all the issues of time management, line weights and poche as well. This exercise made me realize to make everything in one go and not leaving it for a second draft. I used to draw a light draft and then apply line weights but it takes a lot of time which was not feasible in this case.

Another task of the brief was to make models with precision and neatness. For me maintaining the neatness was not an issue as I was used to making models and even didn’t like working with messy outputs. But in this brief the task for me was time management. While making the last model, I felt it impossible to achieve the given time and sadly it came to reality as well but after submission I was satisfied that at least I didn’t compromised on the quality of the model. While a few where also easy and quick to make.

By this brief I realized that drawings are the key to visualize any form as I used to sketch and draft small scale plans and sections of the configuration before making the model which allowed me to make the model precisely and imagine its scale.

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