From a 10-Year-Old Me

Making an autobiographica of my childhood home, like all other exercises, at first left me feeling lost. Since I didn’t know where to begin, I procrastinated a lot. After making a few sketches, I decided to tell the story of my everyday life as a ten-year-old. Throughout the day, I made sketches digitally and added colours to them. During the process, I missed out on following the brief and making use of my past works. As a result, a lot of time was lost. Thus, the first iteration only looked good, but did not contain anything that was needed.

Iteration 1

This was something I tried to fix in my second iteration and I incorporated much of what I had done previously. However, I missed out on including the program for the new childhood home I was going to design. After completing the second iteration, I still had no idea what my new childhood home would feel like. I didn’t know what spaces I would have or who would inhabit them. Therefore, the second iteration also had a lot of missing links. 

Iteration 2

After the feedback session with the tutors and immediate discussions with my group mates, I knew what I needed to do. I included everything I was missing in my third iteration. 

Iteration 3

The process was very satisfying because, as I put the sheets together, I discovered some new, previously unknown memory. Once again, all of the happy and sad emotions I felt as a child came flooding back to me.

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